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Know The Fashion Of Indian Tribes! Decoding The Naga Shawl

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Naga Shawl- When you drape symbolism as your appearance! Tribals are perhaps the only people who feel the nature deeply. You have read Paulo Coelho and understood what symbolism and signs mean, but for the tribes it’s the way of life, their being. Mysticism lies in every song, in every legend.

We will discuss about the tribal culture, their beliefs, and clothes in details here. Let us introduce to the ‘Chakhesangs’ of Nagaland. This tribe is very particular about their traditional attire. Chi Pi Khwu or shawl they wear is the definitive symbol of honor and privilege. The symbols on these shawls carry a quirky take on natural objects. Though modern Naga women are wearing these shawls as an ultimate style statement, giving them the modern twist, these shawls were actually worn by the honorable people of the tribe. Just anybody can’t have the access to these outfits. One had to earn it. Yes, you are getting it right, this is actually the shawl of merit.
Now, something about the Chakhesangs! They stay mostly in and around Khezakeno. A place situated in the Phek district of Nagaland, around 60 km away from the capital Kohima. The village of Khezakeno is legendary because this is the place from where all the Naga tribes are said to be originated. There are legends galore of Khezakeno. We will tell you the tales of this amazing place in our upcoming posts.
Tetseo Sisters – a noted music band from Nagaland – belong to the Chakhesang tribe. These girls are making their music popular along with their tradition and clothes. More power to them!

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