Bead-Studded Party Sling Bag


Nothing looks amazing than a cluster of colourful beads, and we have got them beautifully done in an interesting kolam flower design. The tribals of Central and South India started with this art on the caves and walls of their houses. Warli tribes made it popularize. Along with beads, this bag has conch and shells too.

Warlis or Varlis, the tribe is famous for its world-famous cave paintings, now called Warli painting. Warlis dominate the mountain areas of coastal areas of Maharashtra-Gujarat border and surrounding areas. Historians say that Warlis carried this wonderful tradition since 2500 or 3000 BCE.


Crafted by hands


Inner lining of fabric

Long handle


Style tip:  Are you a party girl! Then this bag is perfect for you! Carry this bag with your LBD and rock the party scene.

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