Black Bead Silver Jhumkis

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Will they ever go out of fashion? No! If we see the age-old traditional jewellery of India, only jhumkis have been able retain their charisma. Time and again, jhumkis have made a comeback on the fashion scene, and have ruled it.

Jhumkas or Jhumkis are as striking as exotic with the stunning large size chandelier earrings in circular or conical dome/bell shape. The intricate filgree design makes them more amazing. Tribes like Banjaras and many other Rajasthani tribes have the culture of wearing bold jhumkis, especially when there is special occasion.

Splashing colors on the dull terrain of Deccan is the tribe ‘Lambada’, even called ‘Banjara’. As forest wanderers they travelled centuries ago from the sand-land of Rajasthan. Comfortably settled in and around the hills of Andhra Pradesh, Lambadas have a rich history, and that shows in their attires and stories. Since they have branched out of from the Rajputs of Mewar, this tribe was actually the warriors.

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