Blue Bead Silver Droplet Earrings

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Stone beads always charm the onlookers for its earthy sheen. The Drokpas of Ladakh, over the years, have developed certain liking for these colourful beads, and that’s why they wear heavy jewellery made of these stones. This earring will bring you close to these wonderful people and their ethnicity.

Believed to be one of oldest, and original, tribes of India, Drokpas don’t marry outside their community. Their colourful jewellery and heavy clothes make them look different from the rest of Kashmiris. Drokpas mostly live in the disputed territory between India and Pakistan – the only fertile valley of Ladakh. They are modern in many aspects, and extra marital affairs are considered normal in them.

Style tip:  You can either choose it to wear it with kurti or a skater dress. Nevertheless, it will make an impression. Complete the look by going for green or turquoise eye liner.

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