Dhokra Jewellery

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A Dhokra jewellery is a priceless possession. The best thing about this jewellery is that it doesn’t lose it sheen for years and years. This flower petal pattern pendant neckpiece is handcrafted.

Dokra or Dhokra actually denotes  Dhokra Damar tribes. These are the traditional metalsmiths of West Bengal.

Do you know? Dokra is a non-ferrous metal casting done using the lost-wax casting technique. This unique technique exists in India for over 4,000 years. Mohenjo-daro excavations have also revealed this beautiful metal craft now kept alive by the tribes of Orissa and Bengal.

Style tip: Wear it with elan! Dokra necklace and earrings go well with a kurta or saree. For western outfits, pair it up with a shirt or a pair of jeans, and add a bit of zing to your look.

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