Skull-Bead Necklace

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Are you a fan of skulls? Then this product is just right for you! Made of beads in the shape of a skull, this neckpiece is for girls as well as for boys. A rock enthusiast will love flaunting it. North eastern tribes like Chakhesangs and others wear bead jewellery and consider it as a matter of pride.

The ‘Chakhesangs’ of Nagaland are very particular about their traditional attire. The word Chakhesang comprises three tribes: cha – Chokri, Khe – Khezha, Sang – Sangtam. Chakhesangs are one of the major tribes of Nagaland. They celebrate seven festivals in the year, and all are based on agricultural cycle. They wear bead neckpieces and Chi Pi Khwu or their traditional shawl as a definitive symbol of honor and privilege.

Style tip: Go grungy in this bead neckpiece. Tights, a leather jacket, a tank top and this skull neckpiece – you will rock the scene.

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