Sweet Red Bead Earrings

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Beads are wonderful to look at! This stunning bead earring can be pleasant add-on to your collection. Sometimes, when you want to look simple without much sass or jazz, this dangler would be perfect. Bead jewellery is the main ornament for the tribe ‘Chakhesangs’.

The ‘Chakhesangs’ of Nagaland are very particular about their traditional attire. The word Chakhesang comprises three tribes: cha – Chokri, Khe – Khezha, Sang – Sangtam. Chakhesangs are one of the major tribes of Nagaland. They celebrate seven festivals in the year, and all are based on agricultural cycle. They wear bead neckpieces and Chi Pi Khwu or their traditional shawl as a definitive symbol of honor and privilege.

Style tip: Simple and basic, this bead earring will look appealing when worn with any ethnic attire.

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